Managing Risk and Opportunity for your Mine Rock Stockpiles, Tailings Storage Facilities, and Heap Leach Piles in our Changing Climate Conditions – Practical Application of INAP’s Global Cover System Design Guidance Document

Brief Short Course Overview:

INAP’s Global Cover System Design Technical Guidance Document builds on previous technical guidance documents on cover system design, construction, and performance monitoring. The Document, and therefore this short course, will be of interest to individuals who are seeking more detailed information than what is outlined in Section 6.6.6 of the GARD Guide- Engineered Barriers.

Practical application of the information provided in the Guidance Document will be presented during the short course.  For example:

  • How do my site-wide closure objectives lead to domain specific closure objectives, and design criteria for my cover system and landform?
  • How do I use the Document’s cover system design Decision Tool during pre-feasibility, feasibility, and detailed design stages?
  • How important is it to place a cover system “as soon as possible”; in other words, how do I define, on a site-specific basis, the relative merits of progressive closure (rehabilitation)?
  • Why do I need vegetation on my cover system; to achieve returning land use expectations, manage net percolation, manage erosion, or perhaps all these performance facets?
  • What influence does constructing my mine rock stockpile “differently” have on determining my cover system design criteria (i.e. the extent to which net percolation and/or oxygen ingress needs to be managed)?
  • What risk management framework is appropriate to evaluate my alternate cover system designs, and prioritise field, laboratory, and modelling studies to manage risk throughout the design process?

Short Course Schedule:

This will be a one-day short course, with breaks for coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon of approximately 15 min each, and one-hour for lunch.  In total, approximately 6.5 hrs of instruction spread over six (6) to eight (8) focused sessions.

Short Course Instructors:

The short course will be led by Mike O’Kane, Okane Consultants (Canada) and Sebastian Lamoureux, O’Kane Consultants (Perth).

Okane are the first mining consulting company with a proven Roadmap to Closure.  We specialise in providing holistic mine waste management services to clients in the mining industry and government.   Our multidisciplinary team develops waste management strategies and closure designs using risk-based approaches to produce innovative and cost-effective solutions for individual client risk profiles to achieve their objectives.

Mike O’Kane, M.Sc., MAusIMM, P.Eng.

Mike O’Kane founded Okane in 1996 after completing undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Saskatchewan.  Okane, with offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, work at sites around the world located within wide ranging climate conditions.

Mike received the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award in 2014 for “Global Development of his Business and Corporation, and Philanthropy”.

Sebastian Lamoureux, Ph.D. Senior Scientist / Business Development Manager Sebastian Lamoureux joined Okane in 2011 and has worked on numerous AMD management projects across its operations.  Sebastian has authored several technical reports, conference proceedings, and peer reviewed journal publications.

Sebastian has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in plant ecophysiology and restoration ecology from The University of Western Australia. He has a strong understanding of plant ecophysiological principals and soil-plant-atmosphere monitoring for rehabilitation and re-vegetation of mine affected lands feeding into Okane’s integrated approach to mine closure.



If you have any questions regarding the Short Course, please do not hesitate to contact Sebastian at