AMD/ARD Leading Practice Awards

Every three years, The International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) recognizes leading AMD/ARD mitigation/prevention practice at a specific operating site and also at the corporate level. The first set of awards was presented at the 11th ICARD in South Africa in October 2018.

As well as recognition for their company, one member of the winning team will receive an allowance for economy airfare, accommodation and registration at the 12th ICARD to receive the award. They will also be invited to give a presentation summarizing the winning site/corporate submission during the INAP Plenary session at the 12th ICARD, Brisbane, Australia in September 2021.

The submission process for this next round is now open, and INAP is calling for both corporate and individual site submissions. To facilitate this, a two-stage evaluation process has been set up for the review of the submissions.

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Last updated:
9 October 2019